Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Télérama Magazine features Serah's

Télérama Magazine, one of the best magazines in France, featured Serah's cupcake soap and the Zigouzis boutique where my cupcake soaps are sold! I am ecstatic! The Zigouzis boutique, located in Sevran, France, is owned by Sylvie Donné. She has a boutique with many items around the theme of cupcakes. I was so excited to receive a copy of the article from her.

Thanks to Emily from GCDSpa who is also my Twitter buddy (@GCDSpa) for putting me in contact with her cousin Stewart (@frenchnerd), who translated the article for me! Thank you so much Emily and Stewart!

Click here to read the translated article.


Emily said...

This is such a neat article! Congratulations!

Lisa @ Serah's said...

Thanks Emily! And thank you also for putting me in contact with your wonderful cousin. :)