Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cupcake Soap in Télérama Magazine

Article Translation:

It’s Cake!

Cupcakes have totally conquered Paris. They are even making gadgets and jewelry out of them. Lip gloss, soap... the cupcake attacks! Not only our liver enzymes or our glycemic indexes, this time, the fashionable mini-cake titillates our desire for colorful fantasy, for zero-calorie gadgetry, and for little gifts to pull out instead of bouquets of flowers or bottles of champagne. It is Sylvie, the owner of Zigouzis that we owe this “cupcake-mania” to. In her miniboutique, she has put her heart and soul into the unbridled ideas that American-made pastries have conjured up for a variety of people. As proof of inflicting pain on your budget in order to make yourself happy, here are four examples of 100% artificial cupcakes:

Lip gloss at 4 € (14 € for 4) for that price, we would eat it!
Soap, from 200g (15 €) which make bathrooms swoon!
Earrings (from 15 to 34 €) to attract hungry stares.
To cover up a boo-boo on your finger, cupcake Band-Aids (a steal at 5.50 €) and a deceptively creamy ring! (12.50 €)

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