Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Missing in Blogging Action

Gir I Miss You CupcakeOh my gosh! How long has it been? A few weeks or a month since I have done a blog post? Well, let me tell you I was missing all of you! I wasn't missing in action because I was just being lazy. I was busy but good busy and more busy is yet to come but I'm looking forward to still blogging through it all.

So what have I been doing? Filling orders, taking care of administrative tasks, and getting ready for the holiday season. Can you believe it's August already?!

This week I am creating LOTS of mini cupcake soaps for a bat mitzvah on August 30th. In Judaism, a Bar Mitzvah is a Jewish boy, and a Bat Mitzvah a Jewish girl, who has come of age. People love ordering the mini cupcake soaps for all types of events which makes me really happy and honored to be a part of making their event special.

There's so much more I have to tell you but you'll just have to subscribe and/or come back to read the rest! :) I'm so glad to be back!


Christie-The ChatterBox said...

Girl I ain't mad atcha! 'Cause you KNOW I have been missing in action!! Glad to see you are busy and booming with business! Do your thing girl! Very proud of you and your success!

motorcycle accessories said...

its really good to hear that. we also miss you a lot. thanks for posting.

rachel said...

nice post... keep it up...thanks for sharing