Friday, June 26, 2009

A Cupcake Light Memorial for Michael Jackson

June 20th - After watching Harper's Island, I called a friend to discuss the show and I sang Michael Jackson's Who Is It?

June 23rd - A lady was explaining something to me and she was using her hands and I told her that she was moving her hands like she was auditioning for Michael Jackson's Remember the Time video which led to a conversation of us talking about our favorite Michael Jackson songs.

June 24th - A friend told me that he just felt like watching the Thriller video because he hadn't watched it in a while so he watched it that night on his iPod.

June 25th - The unfortunate news broke out across the globe that Michael Jackson is no longer with us.

When my ears heard the news, for a second, I felt that my heart stopped. How could it be that the day two of my friends and I went to get a health check and I celebrated my health, Michael Jackson was taken from us so suddenly.

Despite everything that has happened with Michael in the last 15 years, I will remember and cherish what an amazing performer, inspiration, and icon he was.

My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to the Jackson family. Michael Jackson will ALWAYS and FOREVER be remembered.


CarmenNC said...

Wednesday night I was at work and not feeling my best. My co-worker saw that I was a little bit down and he looked at me and asked, "Annie are you ok?" Then he started singing and dancing that part of Smooth Criminal until I was laughing with tears in my eyes.

I will miss him. I am so glad that he left us with so much to remember him.

Motorcyle Clothing said...

Yes it such a great loss in the pop dancing i am mad about his dancing and i really miss him.My sympathy with their child.