Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Girl Pink & Baby Boy Blue Cupcake Soap

In anticipation of the April 2009 LA Baby & Tween Celebration that I was supposed to attend, I created the Baby Girl Pink and Baby Boy Blue Cupcake Soaps. These soaps were unveiled at Unique Los Angeles in May 2009.

The Baby Girl Pink & Baby Boy Blue Cupcake Soaps are mode of the same goodness as my other soaps...glycerin and shea butter. They are scented with the Baby Powder fragrance. The large 7.0 oz cupcakes are shown and they are also available in the mini 2.0 cupcake soaps as well.

They are great for baby showers or birthday parties or as a gift to an expecting mother. You can purchase them at http://www.serahsonline.com or http://serahs.etsy.com.

One of my friends has a sister that is pregnant. Next month, she will find out if she's having a girl or a boy!!! Why do I have three exclamation marks behind that question, you ask? It's because my friend's boyfriend made a bet with my friend that her sister would have a boy and if he wins, my friend has to buy her boyfriend dinner. And the best part...he included ME in the bet and told her out of the blue she'd have to take me to dinner too!

So here's hoping for Baby Boy Blue!

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Lori Stoia said...

Those are really cute, Plus they look good enough to eat.