Monday, April 20, 2009

I've Got Snail Mail!

I could kiss the Fedex guy (if he's cute but I wouldn't know because he's always running away from the door)! Luckily, he always has exactly what I'm looking for and last Friday, he bought me a package I've been anxiously awaiting.

Serah's now has a banner!
Serah's Craft Show Banner

I've been wanting to add this little edition to my booth for some time now but I wasn't sure how long I'd be participating in craft shows. But seeing as how I've done 6 so far in the last 3 months and have many more planned for the rest of the year, I think adding a banner to my booth is a necessary complement.

And since I was so happy while buying a banner, I decided to get some company t-shirts as well...

Serah's Company T-shirt

and I even went for a personalized pen too!
Serah's Custom Pen


Java Cupcake said...

Those are so great!!! Where did you order them??

Thanks SO MUCH for the blog post about Java Cupcake!! :)

And YES YES YES you MUST make some cuppies!!!

Love love love love love

Lisa @ Serah's said...

Thanks! I got them from VistaPrint.

Caroline@Just Because Jewelry said...

VistaPrint is great, isn't it? I love, love, love the shirt! Hey, it looks like my daughter may be attending school in LA in the fall, so when we come out this summer to scope it out, I'll see if you're scheduled anywhere.

Lisa @ Serah's said...

Hey Caroline,

I'll probably definitely be doing a show in the fall! Hope to see you!

Selenia said...

Those all look great - Vistaprint does that? I remember getting business cards off of them way back in the day when I first started making jewelry in high school hehe - cool to see all the things they do now :)

Lisa @ Serah's said...

VistaPrint's doing a lot of big things. They are adding more products to their site. I love it! Nothing but great service so far.