Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tickled Pink with The Pink Parlour Festival 2009

I had the most AMAZING time at The Pink Parlour Festival this past Sunday! Some of the most amazing women were all gathered under one roof so I was in great company. I started the morning filled with anxiety because as I was leaving Santa Barbara, it was raining so hard, I couldn't see the road. But eventually the rain stopped and I was allowed to arrive safely at the Santa Anita Park.
Serah's Booth Display at The Pink Parlour Festival
My booth was positioned at the festival's entrance which was also next to the entrance for seating for the race track so I had a pretty good view. My first visitor during setup was Alison from Whatakaracter Creative Group who came to check out the competition only to find out that I wasn't competition at all because mine were cupcake soaps and not the edible yummy cupcakes she was selling. I got her Super Hero Cupcake Kit which was SUPER delicious and the proceeds are for a good cause.

As the day went on my cupcake soaps continued to deceive the hungry but also became a fan favorite at the festival! Men and women, boys and girls were all impressed with my cupcake soaps! Some even became repeat customers.

The entire day was AMAZING but here are a few moments that made that day so FANTASTIC:
  • Getting to share my inspiration behind my cupcake soaps with customers
  • Having a good laugh with those who thought they were food
  • Seeing my Neapolitan Cupcake Soap make the back of the event program
  • Hearing who was getting my cupcake soaps as gifts and who wanted to treat themselves
  • Seeing the smiles on people's faces
  • Having people come to my booth because someone else at the event had bragged about my cupcakes
  • Having a customer tell me that she was interviewed on camera inquiring about whether she had made a purchase at the festival and she said that she had not yet but if she did it would be one of my cupcake soaps
  • Seeing familiar faces and meeting new people
  • And of course, taking pictures with fans!
I couldn't have asked for a better day! I can't wait until next year! Until then, enjoy photos from this year's Pink Parlour Festival and catch me at our next event.

Cupcake Tats.Cupcake Tats
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Robin said...

Awesome! Sound like such a good time! Wish I lived closer so I could stop by and say hello!
Congrats! :)