Monday, January 5, 2009

Six Vowels and One Consonant

I’ve been tagged three times and this is probably my most random tag yet. This time, I was tagged by Carmen's Blog. Visit Carmen's blog for hair info on Sisterlocks and one of the hottest hair accessories, Tomoka Twists. I should know...I own the Fly Girl Twists by Tomoka Twists.

I searched Google for “seven things” and some how the word vowels was included in the search and I decided that since there are 6 vowels, that will at least get me 90% of the way and I’ll let you take me the other 10%.

So I've given you six random facts using the vowels and I'd like for you to leave a consonant letter in my blog comment and I’ll think of a random fact to go with it.

Here are my random things:
A – Apples
In high school, I took the phrase “apple a day keeps a doctor away” literally. For about 3 months, I think I ate an apple at least once a day if not more. My taste buds just couldn’t get enough of them!
E – Eggs
I have finally been able to duplicate a deviled eggs recipe from one of my favorite restaurants here in Santa Barbara. I can’t spill the beans on the recipe but they are so good!
I – Ice
I almost always have to have water ice cold! I mean REALLY cold!
O – Oven
Oddly enough, I actually got burnt to a crisp the other day by my oven while trying to cook a roast and vegetables. I died and was floating around as a ghost spooking people. Then I had to pay the Grim Reaper $100 to come back to life. In case you haven’t figured it out, I was playing The Sims.
U – Understanding
I have a new hobby…photography and I’m trying to understand aperture and shutter speed. I’m filling my Flickr profile so fast. Want to take a look? Click the images below.

Santa Barbara Mission Rose GardenSanta Barbara Mission Rose Garden

Y – Year
I have been chosen as a Featured Member on Ultimate Connection For Small Business Owners! I was notified on the 1st day of the New Year.


Soap Kitten said...

LOL! I actually knew what you were talking about when you mentioned oven and grim reaper.

Robin said...

Yeah, the oven thing freaked me out for a second there too. Glad all is okay!
And congrats on the feature. Great way to start the new year!

Soap Kitten said...

Thanks for checking my blog! I've been neglecting it a little...
Have you ever been electrocuted? How about drowning people in your pool?
I know that sounds terrible, but it's possible... err.. in The Sims.

Anne-Marie said...

Apples! I love apples and don't quite get as many as you do, but definitely eat 3 or so a week. =) And eggs - it turns out that the secret for me to eat hard boiled eggs is Bacon Salt ( It turns everything delicious - and it's vegetarian!

CarmenNC said...

Thank you for playing. Sims cooking, I thought you really had burnt the food and it was hot in the kitchen. I'm glad it was Sims. Your photos are lovely. What kind of camera are you using?

Lisa @ Serah's said...

Soap Kitten, I have electrocuted anyone yet or drowned anyone but the cops got called on my party. lol

Thanks everyone for your comments.

CarmenNC, I use a Nikon D40 camera.

sheri effres said...

Must have been an awesome party!

Anonymous said...

really intersting :)