Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap

Thinking about my past Valentine’s day gifts, I remembered getting roses. I’ve gotten mysterious chocolates and I’ve gotten some of the cutest cards but I have yet to get my all-time favorite…cupcakes! And my favorite cupcakes are the perfect color for the season…red velvet cupcakes…with the red cake and white frosting!

So while I will be out scouring southern California for the perfect red velvet cupcake, Cupid will be at Serah’s mixing up his own cupcake lovin’. Cupid has shot candy corn with that special arrow of love and given us all the love bug.

Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap

Serah’s pink, red and white Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap puts a twist on an all-time favorite for Valentine's Day! Our Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap is made with extra lather glycerin and shea butter soap and scented with the Pink Jasmine Musk fragrance.

The Cupid Corn Cupcake Soap is featured in Gift Blog's Valentine's Day Gift Guide. Check it out here.

Who doesn’t love a cupcake? Nothing says you love ‘em like some cupcake lovin!


Robin said...

I dig some cupcake lovin!!!
Hey, I gave you a shout-out on Tuesday for the bloggy award.
Thanks again!

Josie said...

That is so stinkin cute!!!

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

Now that's just not fair to make that so yummy-looking and we can't even eat it. Great work! I've never seen anything like this!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Serah! Your soaps are too cute! I'm following your blog and I follow you on Twitter. I'm going through Jessica Knows 15 Days of Marketing series. I'm on Day 8, and I just want you to know that I added your cute button to my Friends page.

Currently blogging from Australia, many of my readers are American. I would love to interview you and promote your cupcake soaps. Please email me if you are interested. Or DM me on Twitter.

Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs
twitter id: acupofjoy

fatfighter said...

Are you sure you can't eat these???

Lisa @ Serah's said...

Thanks everyone for your lovely comments.

And no fatfighter, you can't eat them. haha

sheri effres said...

It looks soooo real...making me hungry! Are you doing any other shapes for Valentine's Day?

Anonymous said...
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BPOTW said...

Cute! You are very creative. And I've never tried a red velvet cupcake before. That will be my mission now :)

Thanks for sharing with BPOTW!