Monday, July 21, 2008

Serah's Bachelorette/Bachelor Favor Soaps

How can I mention wedding season without talking about bachelorette/bachelor parties! That night when you kiss single life goodbye. Serah's now offers soaps for your bachelorette/bachelor that are sure to be a hit at your party. These soaps are not just for bachelorette parties. Customers have requested them as gifts for birthdays too! Due to the nature of these soaps, photos are not uploaded to our blog or our Flickr account. To inquire about these soaps and see pictures, do the following steps:

1) Visit
2) Click Log In/Register.
3) Create a customer account by filling out the information in the form.
4) Send an email to and tell us you want to see pictures of the Bachelorette/Bachelor Favor Soaps.

P.S. The name of the soap has been blurred but if you've been to a bachelorette party, I'm sure you know what kind of soap it is. ;)

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