Monday, July 14, 2008

The Fight Against AIDS

It takes a lot out of me to even write this post. Just the thought of the number of people dying from AIDS in Africa, deeply grieves my heart. Growing up, I remember hearing a lot about AIDS in the US and Africa. These days, I hardly hear a word about it. I often wonder if we have become desensitized to the issue. I feel like we need to bring the AIDS fight back to the forefront. Through Serah's, we have a goal of $1,000 to donate to The Global Fund to help with the AIDS fight in Africa. An amount from the sale of specific items on our site go toward our $1,000 goal. Visit for more information. If you'd like to contribute on your own, visit the following websites:

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Chicy-Creations said...

This is wonderful for you to do this! Its very true that you don't seem to hear about it much anymore. Way to help out!