Sunday, July 27, 2008

Etsy Shops - Part 1

Most nights, you can usually find me in an Etsy chat room meeting some of the world's craftiest people. I am so addicted to the chat that sometimes I am up way past my bedtime (like that's anything new for me). When I meet great people, I want to let the world know about them. Allow me to introduce...

Al at
where you can find artwork, jewelry, and much more

Stacey at
Think of a Candy store......except the jars of candy are full of beautiful buttons, there are rails of pretty ribbon, shelves of luscious papers and sprinklings of cute embellishments scattered around.....oh and a few birdies are perched over the front door.....tweet tweet!

You've just imagined Stacey's little imaginary shop on the web, Staceydotdot Yummy Paper Goods!

In the shop window, are funky journals, sweet greeting cards, sweetie tins,wedding favours, baby shower favours, gift boxes, name boards and some mixed media art on the walls.

Stacey also make gorgeous scrapbooks for all of those favourite photos that you keep in your cupboard!


Alan said...

Thank you very much for the promo! I will PIF =)

Staceydotdot said...

Thanks for the feature! Im sure youre blog will be very popular if you keep featuring people! Its a cool blog! :)